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November 3, 2010

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Kelly Writer Series features Matt Delinger on Wednesday

Today the Kelly Writer Series features DePauw graduate Matt Delinger. English Writing professor and organizer of the event, Peter Graham said he’s coming to talk about his newest novel, Interstate 69: the Unfinished History of the Last Great American Highway. Delinger has written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and several prestigious newspapers. The Kelly Writer Series brings in about 8 writers a year as each speaker is selected through a committee made up of creative writers and literature professors at DePauw. The series was established in 1998 with gifts from James and Marilou Kelly to bring in writers to inspire students and speak to them about novels they have published. Graham said he is very excited for the event and expects anywhere from fifty to one hundred people to come. Delinger will be speaking at the Green Center for Performing Arts in Thompson Recital Hall at seven thirty.

Greencastle Football Loses Little Money after Victory at Lucas Oil

The Greencastle High School Athletic Department lost little money after the football team played at Lucas Oil Stadium two weeks ago.

Greencastle athletic director, Scott Knapp (Nap), says that the department was paid over three thousand dollars to have the team play at the home of the Indianapolis Colts. This money is meant to make up for lost profit from a lack of concession and ticket sales, but it does not cover all of the money lost. Knapp says this loss was made up for during the post season.

Knapp hopes the chance to play at Lucas Oil will come about again in the next few years. The Tiger Cubs return to action this weekend as they travel to North Putnam.

Indiana Senate Race

Republican Dan Coats will return to the Senate to represent the state of Indiana in January. Coats served in the Senate until 1999 when he left to pursue other endeavors. Coats will occupy the seat currently held by Democrat Evan Bayh. After Bayh announced that he would not seek reelection in 2010, Coats and current District 8 Congressman Brad Ellsworth became their parties’ candidates for the general election.

In his concession speech, Ellsworth stressed that he harbors no hard feelings towards his Republican opponent and stressed that he hopes that the next session of Congress will use bipartisan principles and realize that both parties have good ideas for the future of America. Ellsworth also said that he doesn’t know what he’ll do after he leaves his Congressional office at the end of the year.

In his victory speech to a packed Union Station, Senator-elect Dan Coats said that Indiana is leading the way to change and that he will work to give the country a balanced budget and create and protect jobs for Hoosiers. Coats also thanked everyone who helped his campaign from the workers to those who solicited or donated funds.

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