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November 11, 2010

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Administration on Monon

With the Monon Bell Game rapidly approaching, the DePauw administration is addressing how they hope students and alumni act this weekend. DePauw’s Director of Public Relations Ken Owen said that he hopes that both alumni and students will look after each other and remember that the game is broadcast to a national audience. He stressed that this might be some people’s first exposure to DePauw and that televised behavior could affect students in the future. Owen also explained that although there have been no severe issues in recent Monon games, he hopes that the rivalry between Wabash and DePauw will remain at a healthy and safe level so that the rivalry can continue. Vice President for Communications and Strategic Initiatives Christopher Wells said that he worries about DePauw students every weekend, but he feels that it is more important during Monon to make sure that each student makes wise decisions and that students take care of each other. Additionally, Wells said his one concern for the weekend was students’ behavior at the Pancake Breakfast at midnight on Saturday. Both said that the game should focus on the field, not on the students in the stands.

School Board Meeting

The Greencastle School Board met Wednesday night at Ridpath Elementary for their November meeting. The meeting opened with a recognition of seventh graders Madeleine Hayes and Bailey Berish as individual winners of a statewide essay contest. Superintendant Robert Green spoke about financial and budget information. He says the School District’s assessed valuation is up 25 million dollars from last year, so tax rates will come down. The School Board also approved a motion to allow an Indiana Bond Bank loan for next year. Greencastle Schools does not know if a loan is necessary yet, but state law requires that the Board grant permission for loans.

School Board President Bruce Stinebrickner focused on new business, including the Indiana School Board Association Report. He stressed the importance of evaluating teachers.

Steinebrickner: “If we don’t annually evaluate them, then we are not doing our job as a school corporation. If you’ve got the best a hundred teachers on the planet in your school corporation, you don’t need gymnasiums, computers, great principals, superintendants, or school boards, you’ve got it done.”

The meeting closed with a discussion of setting Graduation for next year’s calendar before the next school year starts.

Splash for Cash

Tuesday night DePauw President and former Division one swimmer Doctor Brian Casey, challenged seniors to a swimming contest called Splash for Cash. The loser must organize efforts to raise 5000 dollars for the traditional senior gift. Co-chair of the Senior Gift Committee, Ellen Aleksa, said the raised money goes to the annual fund of DePauw. She said the gift represents seniors first step in supporting the school as alumni.

Aleksa: “ It’s important for them to understand their role as alumni, and how important it is to give back to their community”

Seniors have already participated in events to support the gift. But now they will have Dr. Casey’s help. The senior swimmers defeated Casey. He is now in charge of raising 5,000 dollars for the gift. Casey did not mention any ideas on how to raise this money after his defeat on Tuesday night.

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