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October 14, 2010

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Effect of Proposed Property Tax Caps on School

Superintendent of Greencastle Schools Doctor Green says that the proposed cap on property taxes would have a bad impact on funding. Greencastle schools gets about 8 million dollars from property taxes. This money is used to pay for buildings, repairs, and transportation. If the measure on the ballot passes, Doctor Green says the schools will have trouble paying bills.

Doctor Green says that schools have already cut back on spending because of current caps. Cut backs will continue if this new cap passes. The Greencastle schools are not campaigning against it though. Doctor Green would not be surprised if the measure passes. The economy is down and he does not think people will think of the long-term effects.

October Greencastle School Board Meeting

The Greencastle school board met Wednesday night and passed motions that are supposed to help schools and the community. First, the board named the Greencastle football field after former coach John Fallis. The name of the stadium itself will not change. This dedication will take place sometime next fall.

The school system also accepted a one thousand dollar donation from Wal-Mart. The money will go toward school supplies for Deer Meadow Elementary School. The school system also plans on replacing playground equipment. This will occur over a five-year period. If the system finds a partner to help pay for this project, it may be finished earlier. Superintendent Green wants the community to understand that this equipment is inspected monthly. But Green wants to ensure the safety of the children in the area by replacing the equipment.

City Council Meeting

Greencastle is one the greenest cities in Indiana. City Planner Shannon Norman announced Putnam County won the Green Committee Award for the state of Indiana. Greencastle has now won this award three years in a row. Mayor Sue Murray said the city has taken steps to maintain this award.

Recently, the Greencastle Sustainability Committee was awarded a grant of 125,000 dollars to further their efforts in conservation. They say Greencastle is well on its way to being the greenest in the state. Other topics at the meeting included a proposed city budget for 2011. Currently, the budget is to be cut by 5 percent. The council will vote to approve the cut in November.

McDermond Lecture Series

The Management Fellows Program regularly presents the McDermond Center Lecture Series. These series started 30 years ago, when the Management Fellows Program was created.

Each semester the center hosts six-to-eight speakers that represent different industries. Those include large and small businesses, new start-up companies, not-for profit firms, and government agencies. Speakers talk about their experience as students, and how they made their careers.

The coordinator of the series Doctor Gary Lemon says it’s a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear from the experienced professionals. Doctor Lemon says that usually about 90 students and two-to-three faculty members attend each session.

The McDermond Center Lecture Series welcomes not only Management Fellows, but anyone interested in business and management. The remaining sessions of this semester are scheduled for October 14th, November 4th, 9th and 11th. These will take place in DePauw’s Union Building Ballroom during the lunch hour.

Second League of Women Voters Forum

The second of two League of Women Voter’s and WGRE sponsored forums was Wednesday night. The Candidates running for Putnam County sheriff are Republican Steve Fenwick, Democrat Garry Clark and independent Joe Tesmer. They had the opportunity to respond to questions from panelists and reply to each other as well. In the opening statements the current sheriff Steve Fenwick stated that he is not a politician, but a career police officer.

Candidate’s first answered what they thought the most significant issue in law enforcement in Putnam County. While Tesmer and Fenwick agreed that drugs are a huge problem, Clark felt that in order to work on these issues we need to have trust in the county government.

Another key issue discussed were ideas for educating school children about drugs and alcohol. Joe Tesmer focused on putting a team of officials together to visit every single school throughout the year and being a support to students and staff.

Other issues discussed were the new recording of confession law, alternative sentencing, the jail’s current and future needs, the number of deputies patrolling, the use of SUV’s on the force, and using prisoners for yard work.

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