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October 26, 2010

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Crop Harvest Update

Despite the hot and dry weather of the late summer, crop yields were not lower than expected this year. USDA official Dan Lucas credits this to June’s rainfall. Lucas says the crops were done soaking by the time the heat of July rolled around. The dry weather actually helped the farmers save money. There was little to no need to dry the yield as most of the harvested crops were already below the required moisture level.

On the downside, some farmers fell victim to field fires. Many of the fires were caused by trash burning and combine malfunction. However, with ninety percent of the corn harvested and ninety-five percent of the soybean harvest complete, it is safe to say that this year’s harvest was an overall success.

Evolution In Education Expert To Give Mendenhall Lecture

Tensions may be raised tonight in the sanctuary of Gobin United Methodist Church during the Mendenhall Lecture. This year’s lecture will focus on the teaching of evolution in America’s public schools. Dr. Michael Zimmerman is the featured lecturer for the event. He is a professor of biological sciences at Butler University. He also writes a blog on the subject of evolution in education for the Huffington Post. His has become the website’s most popular blog this year.

University chaplain Doctor P.T. Wilson has been instrumental in the organization of the event. Predicted attendance for the event is anywhere between one-hundred and six-hundred. Dr. Wilson said this controversial topic is timely and important for both the Christian and academic communities.

Publicity has gone out all over the state as well as on campus to faculty and staff. The event is being put on by the Office of Spiritual Life and the United Methodist Church. The four-thousand dollars used to fund the event have been made available through the Mendenhall Lecture Endowment. The event will take place tonight at 7:30 in the Gobin sanctuary.

Public Art Display

The class Sculpture in Public Places has put up their first project around Depauw’s campus. Professor Lori Miller asked her class to make a piece viewers could sit on. The project is titled the Bench Project. She says her class is a two hundred level class and many students do not have prior sculpture experience. The artwork took about four weeks to complete. Professor Miller allowed students to work in groups or alone.

A sophomore in the class, Jane Simon, made a bench called the Cupcake outside of East College. She says the goal of putting the piece on display is to see people’s reactions.

Professor Miller says the aim of the project was to make an interactive piece. She also wants the benches to start conversation and give people something to look at. The benches will be on display through the first week of November.

Voter Registration Down From Last Year in Putnam County

Indiana voters will determine the party that controls the House, Senate, and the State House this Tuesday. Putnam County Election Clerk Stacia Gibson says that voter registration is up this year by over half of 2009 levels. Last year was a non-election year and fewer people were inclined to register. Since the beginning of 2010, 580 new voters have registered in Putnam County. Sixty-five out of the 580 registrants are DePauw Students. Submitted absentee ballot requests are also up from last year with a total of 528. Three DePauw students applied for absentee ballots. Total registrants are up from last year, but they are down compared to the levels reached in 2008 for the presidential election.

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