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September 28, 2010

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Dr. Samuel D. Rocha Addresses Small Crowd In Watson Forum.

Wabash College’s Doctor Samuel Rocha hailed the importance of the liberal arts education on Monday afternoon. He addressed a small crowd of teachers, DePauw students, and Wabash students in DePauw’s Watson Forum. His speech was called the erotic person and included the philosophies of William James and Jan-Luc Marion. Rocha referenced these famous philosophers to address the issue of love in education. Rocha believes that education must address the whole individual, including an erotic side that needs love and passion. The education philosopher believes that both educator and student must unite to teach each other.

Rocha said that schools such as DePauw and Wabash are exceptions to the usual college education, which does not consider the whole person in their methods. He says that the smaller environment is more conducive to learning. The doctor finally stressed the importance of the humanities in education.

Family Weekend Follow Up.

DePauw’s campus has gone back to its normal appearance after being covered with banners and ribbons for DePauw family weekend. DePauw parent Margaret Stratford was impressed with how nice the campus looked, but was not thrilled with the lack of planned events over the weekend. Many families only attended a brunch and a speech by President Casey. Some families did not see the lack of events as a problem. They simply used the extra time to visit with each other.

However, the sporting events over the weekend welcomed a general increase in attendance. Soccer player Kat Wilson noticed that the stands at the games were filled with more parents than usual. Parent Wendall Crook said he was able to get a great feel for what life is like here at DePauw University.

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