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April 12, 2011

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"Weekends-to-Go" Hits Highs and Lows

Every new program hits its highs and lows in the beginning stages. DePauw’s Weekends-to-Go is another example of that. The program just started in the Fall and has continued into the Spring Semester, but not without hitting some obstacles.

UZOMA OLUKA: "So this semester we’ve only had one trip, we went to Bloomington. And so we had some issues with our bus company that we originally had planned to use and so some of the trips have been canceled already and we’re working on rescheduling some up coming ones before the end of the semester."

That’s Uzoma Oluka, Assistant Director of Campus Activities. She says the original bus company they used, Rural Transit, has recently encountered budget constraints. Those constraints have resulted in fewer trips for the program. She is currently working on hiring a new bus company. Despite the setback though, students have given positive feedback about the program. Students enjoy getting off campus and exploring Indianapolis or Bloomington on their own.

President of Greencastle’s Chamber of Commerce, Amber Bowers, commented on the program. She said the city would like students to do the majority of their shopping locally, but certainly don't begrudge them getting out of town twice a month.

Little 5 Track Change Made Race Safer

This year, DePauw adopted a new track for the Little 5 bike race. On the new track 4 crashes occurred which is an improvement from previous Little 5’s. Last year over ten students were hospitalized after a pile-up crash occurred. To make the race safer, the route was moved from Blackstock Stadium's track to the streets of DePauw. The new track was one school block, including College, Hanna, Indiana, and Olive streets.

Erik Krag, who raced in the past two Little 5’s didn’t crash last year, but did this year. He still thinks this year’s change was for the better.

KRAG: "I think it probably made it more safe in the sense that people had to spread out more. Because when it was on the track, everyone could stay in one big pack around the turns and then if someone fell, than a lot of people would fall but because it wasn’t on that people couldn’t take the turns as quickly and had to slow down."

The crash gave Krag minor injuries and he was able to finish the race for his team. Krag said he was planning to race again next year.

This years overall winner for the men’s division was Delta Upsilon, and for the Women’s division, Alpha Phi. Individual winners were Addie McDonald of Alpha Phi, and Cameron Huffman of Phi Kappa Psi.

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