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February 7, 2011

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College Goal Sunday at DePauw University on February 20, 2011

The DePauw University office of financial aid plans to host College Goal Sunday this February. DePauw will be one of 39 sites in Indiana participating in the financial aid assistance day. On February 20 at 2 pm, DePauw will open two computer labs in Julian Science and Mathematics for the free event. The Financial Aid Office hopes to increase last year’s 15 participant turnout. This amount was considered disappointing compared to the 60 people that attended the previous year. Families will be able to ask questions to financial aid experts while filling out their FAFSA information. Three DePauw University and one Butler University staff member will work the event. Associate Director of Financial Aid, Joanne Haymaker, said that DePauw University is excited to help local families begin the financial aid process. All that attend will be allegeable for a $1,000 Scholarship drawing. For more information on the event, people can visit The Fine Print page on the DePauw University Financial Aid page or www.CollegeGoalSunday.org.

Financial Matters Discussed at Faculty Meeting

Vice President for Finance and Administration Brad Kelsheimer (KelShymer) gave a report on DePauw University’s financial outlook at the faculty meeting this week. The presentation focused on the current financial status, plans for improvement, and future projections. DePauw University decreased operating costs by 4.5 million dollars in the past year but a One to One point five million dollar cut for the 2011-2012 fiscal year is necessary. The commitment to invest in the student experience was a major focal point. The Administration’s plan concentrates on balancing merit and need-based financial aid. A new campaign aimed to increase endowment growth looks to support the demand for scholarship. In terms of future financial security, DePauw is now moving from an uncertainty stage to a stabilizing stage.

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