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May 3, 2011

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175th Anniversary Includes Beginning of Capital Campaign and End of Ubben Lectures

Next year DePauw University will celebrate its 175th Anniversary. While festivities will take place on campus and in cities across the nation, DePauw will also be launching its first major development campaign in 12 years. University President Dr. Brian Casey said that a capital campaign is long overdue.

CASEY: "The institution was clearly planning a major, multi-year development campaign. We haven’t have one in 12 years, which is a very very long time for an institution to go without a major campaign. Most institutions complete one every 5 years and look ahead to the next one. So we were also about to celebrate our 175th—surely that’s a way to draw attention to the institution."

Casey said funding has been secured for the first phase of the campaign, which will include a new entrance on Anderson Street, tree planting across campus, and a move of the admissions office to Emission. While students will see these changes occurring, they will also witness the end of the Ubben lecture series. Casey said 12 speakers will be brought in throughout the year as part of the 175th celebration. He hopes this and other events will draw national attention to the University.

CASEY: "We’re doing a lot of events on campus, but we’re also having a lot of parties around the country to celebrate the day…I think we’re going to have a lot of events to draw attention from outside, and we’re going to have 12 main speakers next year. Also, we’re going to wrap up the Ubben Lectures with all of this. The only Speaker we’ve announced so far is Yo-Yo Ma."

The Ubben Lecture Series began in 1986 with funding from DePauw graduates Timothy and Sharon Ubben. Since its inception, the series has brought famous individuals from around the world to the University, including Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Margaret Thatcher.

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