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May 4, 2011

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Eye-Sore Station to Serve Yogurt

Site for New Yogurt Station

Recently Mayor Sue Murray spoke on WGRE’s public affairs show DPView. The Mayor discussed future plans for the Stellar Grant Money. One of those plans includes buying the abandoned gas station on the corner of Locust Street and Route 231. The mayor hopes to create green space out of the property.

MURRAY: "I think we would like to get the old gas station, put it to rest and use it for a little more enjoyable visual view as you come into our city."

But that green space plan will not happen. WGRE News spoke with the current property owner High Point Oil. The Company says the City of Greencastle never contacted them about the property and they already have a deal in the works to sell the building. Once the papers are signed businessman Shoaib Shah will be the new owner of the property. He plans to transform the building into a yogurt shop. The shop will be similar to the chain Red Mango but this store will be Shah’s own franchise. He wants the shop to have a contemporary design and be an ideal hang out spot for students and the community. The plan will cost roughly $375,000 dollars to get off the ground. Shah hopes to move forward on the plan in the next two to three months and have the store ready to open by January.

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