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November 6, 2011

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Forum on Tolerance

Student Government sponsored a forum moderated by President Brian Casey Sunday night to address DePauw’s campus climate. President Casey opened the forum listing the events that led to conversation about the nature of tolerance and the campus as a community. One event that led to this discussion was the Cinco de Mayo party in May 2010 with an electronic invitation that defamed Mexican Americans. Casey addressed a second instance, the controversial t-shirts made this year for the Monon Bell Game. Casey clarified that Head Football Coach Robbie Long immediately removed the shirts because he did not want them associated with his team. Lastly, Casey discussed the events of Halloween weekend at the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity in which a student was harassed.

The forum was in high attendance by students who filled the UB ballroom. Student Government President Charles Pierre said once it is clear that something is offensive to someone in the DePauw community, it must be taken into consideration by the members of the community. Conversation was constant, and not all concerns were met, however President Casey says the issues will be addressed further.

CASEY: "I think what happened was there were multiple lines of conversation that were clearly left opened. We only had an hour to tackle a lot of things. I think I put a vow on the table to work with IFC and Pan-Hel to have a series of conversations in the house but I want to make sure that we do this in a way that isn’t just oh let’s make this the Greek conversation. So I’ll work with IFC and Pan-Hel, I’ll work with student life, and let’s go forward and let’s just try to get something done."

Casey says that the administration and Student Life will continue to address issues of campus climate.

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