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September 16, 2011

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Cindy Babington Encourages Students to Self Check for Infestations

Vice President of Student Life, Cindy Babington, encourages students to check their living units for potential bed bug infestations. A DePauw-hired exterminator checked again Friday for more infestations, and Babington is fairly confident that Tuesday’s discovery of bed bugs at the Pi Beta Phi sorority house was an isolated incident. Babington says that because the bugs are difficult to see, most students do not know they have a problem until after they discover the bites. Therefore, the investigation for further incidences will be “student based.”

[BABINGTON] "I think our plan is to make it student based for the reason I just said is that if we did random checks through the residence halls and our apartments and houses, the chances of seeing them aren’t very great..."

She encourages students who are worried about safety in their own living units to contact the housing office at housing@depauw.edu. Students who hosted a Pi Beta Phi member the night of the incident should be especially careful and self check their unit. Babington also assures that staff will be careful to check common areas, such as the library, for further extensions of the problem.

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