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September 30, 2011

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Planning for President Clinton

Following Yo Yo Ma’s performance at DePauw, planning is picking up for the 25th Anniversary Ubben Lecture, speaker, President Bill Clinton. Executive Director of Media Relations, Ken Owen said on DPView Thursday that persistence is what made it possible to bring President Clinton to DePauw. The event will be November 15th at 3pm. Owen says the goal is to have the doors open by 1 p.m. There is likely to be a separate student entrance, to be sure that many students obtain seats. Owen says there will be almost 5,000 seats, but the Secret Service could make adjustments to the seating in Lily, in the days prior to the event. Owen says he is not concerned that people who show up ahead of time will not get seats.

Owen also shared who will introduce President Bill Clinton at the event.

President Clinton will be on the ground for just over an hour and will have little interaction with the campus other than the lecture.

The Story of New Trees for the Campus

The Office of Advancement at DePauw continues their recent initiative to raise money for new trees and lamp posts across DePauw’s campus. DePauw alumni have donated over 21 million dollars to plant trees and improve campus appearance. Executive Director of Advancement, Jason Petrovich said that this project is important because in a highly competitive market, first impressions might edge out other similar schools. The trees are part of President Casey’s plan to improve the appearance of campus. Petrovich says that DePauw strives to be a campus where students like to walk around instead of drive.

New trees are important now because many of the oldest trees on campus have reached the end of their natural life and will need to be replaced soon. Petrovich says the generous and positive response of alumni show how much alumni value their time at DePauw.

DePauw University SAFEtalk training program to prevent student suicide

Following last year’s incident, this summer DePauw organized training sessions for faculty member to prevent student suicide. The training is based on SAFEtalk program, which stresses on outsiders’ awareness to detect person with possible self-harm intent. Director of Student Life and a SAFEtalk trainer, Julia Sutherlin says that the training has been at DePauw for three years. She calls people who received training as "alert helpers". She says there should be no effect on relationship between faculty members and students, as faculty members are trained to help without being intrusive. She says they only detect, give guidance, then help students connect with resources that keep them safe. She also says future session of SAFEtalk might be open to students in order to increase peer-to-peer awareness, thus better suicide prevention.

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