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April 19, 2012

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Greencastle Board of Works Meeting

The Greencastle Board of Works met Wednesday, April 18th, to discuss and vote on various construction projects. The Board approved a new parking structure in Greencastle. Mayor Sue Murray says the plan is to build the parking complex at the corner of Indiana Street and Walnut Street.

MURRAY: "It will be a free facility, which right now will hold approximately 150 vehicles."

The Board also approved the demolition of the old Mason Jewelers building. The building is located on Washington Street at the south side of the square. The building was deemed unsafe because the second floor collapsed in November of 2010. The Board approved the cost of the demolition, which is expected to be $35,000. Murray said the insurance company failed to cooperate with the private owner and as a result, the city had to step in.

MURRAY: "The city has taken action to declare it an unsafe building and we are taking responsibility for taking the building down and what that means is that the cost of taking the building down will be transferred as a lean on the property itself."

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