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April 23, 2012

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Civic League’s Clean City Month

Clean City month kicked off on Friday, April 20th and will continue through May 19th. The month long event is coordinated by the Greencastle Civic League with DePauw University, Ivy Tech, and the Greencastle Chamber of Commerce. Clean City Month Chair, Amy Doan, explained that there used to be a clean city week which was then confined to a clean city day. But recently the League decided to extend the event to an entire month in order to encourage more involvement. Doan says she hopes to see DePauw students get involved along with the Greencastle community.

DOAN: "Greencastle is your home for a significant time of the year and I feel fortunate in that my husband works here and is involved within the athletics department and I’m very close with a lot of the students and they seem to really volunteer within the community and want to make Greencastle better, and this is just another way to do that."

Events during Clean City Month include the adopt a highway program, river cleanups, flower planting, and weeding programs.

Doans says another reason the Civic League extended Clean City Month was to coordinate with Tox-Away Day. Tox-Away Day allows old items such as mattresses or TVs to be disposed of at the fairgrounds. Tox-Away Day will be on Saturday, May 19th. Doan says community members and businesses donate supplies for Clean City Month events; however it is generally low cost.

DOAN: "Weeding flowers beds and picking up trash, really there is not a lot of expense to it, it’s really the man power. And so we’ve really I think have been fortunate that we have so many volunteers and people that within the community donate the supplies that we really haven’t had to do a whole lot."

You can listen to the full interview with Amy Doan at wgre.org.

Dean of Experiential Learning Candidates

Interviews are currently underway for a new Dean of Experiential Learning at DePauw University. Vice-President for Academic Affairs, David Harvey, says the new position will provide collective oversight over three campus organizations. The dean will oversee the regular operations of the Civic, Global, and Professional Opportunities offices. The offices operated in separate geographic locations on campus in the past. But, due to the overlapping goals of the three entities, they now share a co-location in the union building. Harvey says at the macro level all of these organizations serve the same purpose. They all connect student experiences on campus and abroad with the outside world. The role of the new dean will be to work to strengthen the synergy between the organizations to better serve student needs. Three candidates have their final interviews this week. Harvey is unsure when the final decision will be announced.

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