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April 30, 2012

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Walker Cup Recipient

The Walker Cup recipient was announced Monday at the campus awards ceremony. Nic Flores previous student body vice president received the award. His initial response was shocked. He believes that it was a combined effort of many of his fellow students that helped him receive the award. The big honor that comes with the Walker cup is the chance to speak at commencement. Flores said he plans on speaking about the responsibilities that every student has in the world.

FLORES: "really want to focus on community and community relations and the political engagement each and every one of us has and how relationships we have with each other are important not just relationships but real relationships with each other and what good is this world if we cant share with others"

Flores will be attending Ohio State University in the fall to pursue his PhD in Comparative studies. Flores feels he has learned so much about how to push through and believes this is an award that goes out to more than just one person. He feels it should reach to everyone that has influenced him. Being student body vice president was one opportunity he had that made him feel as though he was making a difference.

Drug Take Back Day

DePauw University participated in its first ever Drug Take Back Day last Friday. The program, organized by the Drug Enforcement Administration seeks to collect outdates and unused drugs and dispose of them in a safe manner. Everything is done anonymously. Doug Cox, DePauw’s Emergency Management Coordinator believes the event was a success. He reports that 18-20 people visited the station in the HUB, and dropped off about 12lbs. of unneeded medication. The drugs collected were transferred to the Greencastle Police Department on Monday, and from there will go to Indianapolis for destruction. Cox believes that the event was well worth it, and would like to repeat it next year. For anybody who missed the event, unwanted drugs can be disposed of at most pharmacies. Mayor Sue Murray says it is important to get rid of the drugs as safely as possible.

MURRAY: "they can’t use anymore it just really is a benefit to the community to get that particular possible pollutant out of our community as safely and efficiently as possible."

Mayor Murray says the drugs will be incinerated once there has been approval from the state.

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