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February 14, 2012

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DePauw Student Government Social Media

DePauw Student government is working to bridge the gap between the student body and student government. They feel it is important that the student body knows about the white paper legislation that is going through and what is going on with student government. They have decided to tackle this task through social media. Up until this year student government did not have a Facebook or twitter account and student governments public relations chairman Brian Alkire found this to be a problem. Alkire says they have decided to update the student body with news releases in social media because it reaches most of the student body. Alkire and student government have put in place a giveaway incentive to increase the number of people visiting and "liking" the page.

Alkire: "This initiative with giving away these promotions that will get people to come to our page and once they like our page then all the important information about different organizations different legislations that we are passing different legislation we are talking about essentially they will be listening to that and seeing that as well indirectly"

The giveaways include clothing and other DePauw items. Students are entered into the drawling if they "like" the Facebook page. Alkire hopes this social media initiative will increase communication between student government and the student body.

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