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November 1, 2012

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Monon Bell Game Security

November tenth marks the annual Monon Bell football game versus the Wabash Little Giants. This year’s contest is an away game and DePauw fans have questions regarding security measures that will be taken in Crawfordsville. DePauw’s Director of Public Safety, Angela Nally says she has met with Wabash to discuss what measures will be taken.

NALLY: "We just need to remember to take care of each other during Monon. I see all too often that our students are going together to events but when they get home they have no idea where the people are that they went with, and that’s not ok. We need to make sure that we are doing a better job of taking care of each other and continue to call when people need help."

Nally says her main focus is on our campus Friday night and Saturday before and after the game. Our Public Safety does work with Wabash on what information to relay to our students. Nally says it is important to know that no DePauw fans should arrive at Wabash earlier than 10:00 the morning of the game. Gates will not open until 11:00 AM and students should only enter through the north east gate. Once your ticket admits you into the game, there will be no passes given for reentrance. As far as transportation, Nally thinks buses are best, but the most important thing is to know you have a ride.

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