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November 7, 2012

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Lorie Hallett Elected Putnam County Auditor

Republican candidate Lorie Hallett was elected Putnam County Auditor on Tuesday night. She defeated Democratic candidate Wilma Phipps by winning 66.4% of the vote compared to Phipps's 33.6%. Hallett says that some of her goals as Auditor are to make things more efficient and to ensure that employees are well-trained in order to help each individual as much as possible when they come to the office. Her primary focus when she assumes the position is to be available as a resource for taxpayers.

HALLETT: "I would just like to work really closely with the other elected officials in Putnam County and strive to do a good job for the taxpayers and be available to the taxpayers if they have any questions and be in the office every day."

Hallett says that the campaign has been very busy and has enjoyed meeting new people. She was impressed by the turnout and is thankful for all of the voters who participated in the election process.

Putnam County Clerk Impressed by Voter Turnout

Putnam County Clerk Marty Watts says that this year's voter turnout is the best the county has ever had. The turnout was over 50% during this election cycle, which Watts considers outstanding. She attributes it largely to the federal election, and believes that people truly made an effort to cast their vote. Watts commented that the number of DePauw voters was lower compared to 4 years ago, although the exact statistics have not yet been published. She says that there is no way to determine whether absentee ballots are from DePauw students. Those figures are therefore not included when measuring DePauw voter participation. Putnam County's utilizes tally cards that are read by a computer in the voting process. Watts reports that the system has been functioning well and is ecstatic that there were no glitches this year. A unique characteristic of Putnam County's voting process is the placement of a whiteboard at the Courthouse with a grid displaying the results. Watts says this serves to bring voters closer together by creating an inclusive environment.

WATTS: "The fact that we use this board here just brings that hometown flavor to our county. It's an event for Putnam County to have the election results posted on the board, to have people come up here, the camaraderie of having them on board with the results, so it brings an event to Putnam county that I think brings the voters more involved."

Wyatt, who served her first term as Clerk from 1991 to 1998, says that the whiteboard tradition has existed longer than the thirty three years she has worked for Putnam County.

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