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April 1, 2013

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DePauw Selects New Dining Services Partner

DePauw recently signed a 10-year contract with a new dining services partner, Bon Appétit. Bon Appétit will take over for DePauw’s current dining services partner, Sodexo, which has been at the university for 10 years. Vice President of Finance and Administration Brad Kelsheimer says the new dining hall, Hoover Hall, drove the search for a new dining services partner. Kelsheimer says that Bon Appétit stood out as a solid provider.

KELSHEIMER: "Bon Appétit has such a strong reputation in this area; their fit with DePauw was ideal. Their focus on healthy food options, sustainability, from scratch cooking, this is good food."

Kelsheimer says Bon Appétit is financially similar to the current dining plan with Sodexo and will not change board costs set for the 2013-2014 academic year. Kelsheimer believes Bon Appétit is a better for students economically and will offer students better value for their food. Bon Appétit will take over by July 1st, if not sooner. All current Sodexo non-management employees will be offered employment with Bon Appétit. Kelsheimer says employees in management positions could potentially gain employment with Bon Appétit but are not guaranteed.

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