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April 4, 2013

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Institutional Research

Director of Institutional Research, Bill Tobin says his office works closely with the administration as well as the President's office in order to maintain accountability and prove the effectiveness of institutional programs.

TOBIN: When making decisions about how to allocate resources, when making decisions about what kinds of programs are needed, how the institution's budget and values work together, which should be closely. We try to measure those things, we try to determine if a program is serving the needs of the people it’s designed to serve the needs of.

Tobin says his office also works alongside the admissions office to assess programs designed to boost application numbers. The statistical analysis of these programs is able to show if they are producing the desired results. Tobin’s statistics determine if the cost of a program is worth the benefit that the University is seeing or if the desired result is not being reached. Once the numbers have been assessed, the University is able to determine the future of that particular program.

New Major

Monday, the DePauw faculty approved a new major to be added with the registrar. Actuarial Science is now an available major for those with the course requirements. The core class structure is similar to that of a Mathematics major, so students may not work towards any combination of majors and minors in both Mathematics and Actuarial Science. Committee of Academic Policy and Planning Chair, Fred Soster says that this has been in consideration for almost two years and due to the demand, is finally approved. He says students were facing a great deal of trouble with getting jobs and internships with only a Mathematics major open for them.

Along with approving a new major, the faculty also approved two new courses. These courses are ECON 415: labor economics and ECON 465: health economics.

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