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February 12, 2013

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Recording Label

The School of Music has recently created the DePauw University Recordings music label. Aimed at providing a professional recording experience to School of Music students while taking out the middleman, the University label will produce and sell student music. The first project that was undertaken was a 175th celebration CD. The DePauw chamber choir recorded 21 classic DePauw songs and is available for 10 dollars online, in the GCPA, or at Eli’s Books. Dean of the School of Music, Mark McCoy, says he could not be more pleased by the success of the CD and he is excited about how having a label at DePauw will benefit the school artistically.

The recording label utilizes several preexisting areas to record their music. They use a large studio, small studio, and all of the theaters in the GCPA to record. The music is then sent to a central recording hub to be mixed for a CD. McCoy says that this label will be used primarily to market its own talent and will allow DePauw to be in total control of its coming musical endeavors.

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