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February 21, 2013

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Mama Nunz

Ten months ago, the owner of Mama Nunz, Nunzio Cancilla, found out that an employee had been stealing thousands of dollars from him for over a year. The employee had been forging checks and double charging customers. The thief has since been caught, charged, and sentenced to three years in the Putnam County prison. However, the aftermath is still affecting Mama Nunz. Cancilla says patrons have avoided the restaurant because of the theft, but he has recently seen a slight improvement in business. He is still working to regain the trust of his patrons. Cancilla is serving nightly specials in order to draw in more customers. One of the events Cancilla hopes will bring more customers is an acoustic performance by The Mongrel Dogs from 6 to 9 on February 27. The performance is free and customers receive a free coke with their meal. Cancilla says he has already paid back all of the customers that were double charged and is currently working on getting out of the hole that this thief put him in.

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