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February 26, 2013

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Athletics Master Plan

February 2013 marked the approval of the master plan for the athletic facilities. Athletic Director, Stevie Baker-Watson says that this is a thirty year plan, which will begin being implemented as soon as the proper permits are obtained from the city of Greencastle. Baker-Watson says there are several phases to this plan, but phase one will focus on the Lily Center and Blackstock Stadium because they have the largest impact on campus as a whole.

After phase one is complete, plans include creating a competition gym in the Lilly Center as well as a 50 meter pool, four more outdoor tennis courts, and turf on the football field. Baker-Watson says the first phase of the renovations should take no longer than one academic year plus two summers, as to cause the least disruption for students. Students will be notified by email when construction begins in order to keep them safe on campus. Baker-Watson says they have some money donated, but are currently looking for more donors to fund the whole process.

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