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February 27, 2013

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Campus Illness

DePauw students are making appointments at the student health center in large quantities. Health Center Physician, Doctor Scott Ripple says that in the past week he sees around fifty students per day. Students are coming down with a stomach flu that lasts from anywhere between two days to a week. He says this virus affects different people in different ways, but there are some common symptoms.

Ripple says students should make an appointment with the health center, especially if they are unable to keep any fluids down. As far as prevention is concerned, students should try to be as healthy as possible, wash their hands often, avoid touching their faces, and try to get a good nights rest in order to keep their immune systems up. One positive that Ripple was able to point out is that DePauw has somehow managed to avoid a massive flu outbreak. Ripple says this could be attributed to the peak flu season coinciding with winter term.

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