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January 8, 2013

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Winter Term Paper, "The Boulder"

The DePauw newspaper is printing over Winter Term. Student editors Ellen Kobe and Chase Hall are in charge of a Winter Term class called "The Boulder." The DePauw does not always produce a paper in the month of January, but Kobe stressed the importance of having a publicized paper over Winter Term.

KOBE: "I think it is really important as, you know, a student media organization similar to The DePauw for someone to, you know, still be telling people about events that are happening when they’re abroad or doing an internship off campus, as well as keeping the University accountable during Winter Term. Just because it is January doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be reporting on happenings at the University."

This class will teach DePauw students to become newspaper reporters. They will produce one print publication on Thursday, January 24. But, beginning this Friday, January 11th, the DePauw will go online each Friday on thedepauw.com. The paper will be based off three assignments that the students are given. These assignments encompass investigative stories, shorter hard fact stories, and either opinion based columns or feature columns. Visit The DePauw online to view information produced by "The Boulder."

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